Curated to redefine beauty experiences.

Founded in 2008, Elegancesalon has been at the forefront of redefining beauty experiences. Originating as a visionary venture by a small team passionate about beauty and customer care, Elegancesalon quickly established itself as a leader in luxurious and bespoke salon services. Over the years, as the salon expanded and refined its offerings, the need for a digital presence that matched their high standards in salon services became evident.

With a deep understanding of their unique history and their commitment to excellence, Elegancesalon sought a digital transformation that would seamlessly integrate their heritage with modern necessities. This led them to partner with One Step Design, known for our dedication to crafting websites that are not just visually striking, but also highly functional and user-oriented. They entrusted us with the mission to create a website that would serve as a true digital extension of their physical salons—empowering them to manage, engage, and connect with clients more effectively than ever before.

Website Design & Development

Dedicated Staff Portal

One Step Design has equipped Elegancesalon with a bespoke staff portal, offering each team member personalised access to essential tools and information. This secure platform is designed to streamline workflow, improve communication, and enhance service delivery across the salon's locations.

  • Dashboard: A quick overview of daily metrics and updates to keep staff informed and proactive.
  • Appointments: Tools to manage, adjust, and plan appointments effectively, ensuring optimal organisation.
  • Calendar: Visual and interactive calendar to track personal and team schedules, promoting better time management.
  • Payments: Integrated payment processing features for handling transactions and financial records smoothly.
  • Customers: Access to customer profiles and histories, facilitating personalised service and fostering client relationships.
  • Services: Detailed insights into all salon services available, aiding staff in preparation and delivery.
  • Staff: Management features for staff details and administrative tasks, enhancing team coordination.
  • Locations: Tools to oversee and unify operations across multiple salon sites, maintaining service consistency.

“Our staff portal simplifies day-to-day operations, allowing teams to focus on what they do best: delivering excellent service.”

Accelerating Access and Engagement

Optimised Performance

In our quest to elevate the user experience on Elegancesalon's website, One Step Design focused on optimising site performance. Utilising the latest SEO strategies, the website was structured to improve visibility and search rankings, incorporating strategic keywords and meta tags. We also enhanced the website's speed and responsiveness to ensure that it performs efficiently across all devices. This meticulous attention to detail in optimising performance has not only improved user engagement but also reinforced Elegancesalon's position as a leader in the digital space, offering a seamless browsing experience to its visitors.

Solving Scheduling Complexity

Integrated Booking System

At the core of Elegancesalon's digital transformation was the introduction of an integrated booking system, a critical tool for enhancing the operational efficiency of the salon. Designed to simplify appointment scheduling, this system allows salon staff across multiple locations to effectively manage their schedules, view upcoming bookings, and adjust in real time to accommodate client needs. This functionality not only supports the staff in their daily operations but also offers clients the flexibility to book their preferred services at their convenience. The integration of this system has markedly improved the salon's service delivery, making it a standout feature for client-centered care.

Streamlining Client Reservations

Comprehensive Service Booking

Understanding the diverse needs of Elegancesalon's clientele, we implemented a detailed service booking feature. This feature allows customers to effortlessly navigate through a variety of beauty treatments, from hair styling to massages, and book their preferred services online. Each service listing is detailed with information about the duration, pricing, and special requirements, fostering a transparent and straightforward booking experience. This enhancement has significantly boosted client satisfaction and loyalty, contributing to the salon's ongoing success and growth.

Delivering Detailed Service Insights

Informative Single-Page Service Details

To further enrich the client experience, we developed single-page details for each service offered by Elegancesalon. This design choice ensures that clients have all the necessary information at their fingertips without the need to navigate through multiple pages. Each service page provides a detailed description, outlining the benefits and procedures, which helps clients make informed decisions tailored to their personal needs. This approach not only streamlines the information flow but also builds trust and confidence in the services provided by Elegancesalon.